A girl just can’t wear enough pink.

time for a change August 3, 2009

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for 18 years, i have been living with my straight hair day in and day out.


 and now its time for me to try out a new hair style————–curls!


i’m curly Jou now!!!


some updates May 23, 2009

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it has been quite some time since i last updated my blog. there are so many things that i wanted to blog especially my carpet. I was busy packing n settling down in this new place. for your information, i’m currently studying in matrik pahang. and it’s really a place full of tress. anyway, the cool thing about this college is there is wifi connection in this whole college included my room.

my carpet

jouning proundly presents the soft n comfy carpet!

i only manage to get one picture on the day i’m leaving. so sorry..

the next thing i know is i’m “stranded” in a place full of tress.DSC00552i really don’t have much picture to put up and i hate outing beacuse the mall here is quite “lala”. the bus is always very crowded and it really stinks. so i’m spending most of my time in my room and of course i brought lots of pinky stuff along with me. this is one of them. i’m so proud with my towel. hehe..


well, the people here are very nice to me. some even take care of me like a little sister. haha.. that’s all i can blog to keep you guys updated about me.


Yesterday April 2, 2009

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yes, yesterday is yesterday..

But i’m still thinking bout my interview. I did badly. Anyway, who cares.( as if i can get the scholarship )

I’m just pleased with my answer for my final question: why do u deserve this scholarship?

I gave stupid answer for why do i want to be a doctor. Although that’s real but, it’s not convincing at all.

To make things worse, I didn’t take the initiative to start the discussion first. I know what is first class technology; third class mentality. The girl who started thougth that third class mentallity is about lacking in the sense of knowledge. After that the interviewer corrected her. I knew it was about our nation’s attitude. I have seen this question before when i was reading the forum posted by those who went for the interview in the pass few years. And yet, i still let my chance slipped away. Argh! stupid!

Next, i forgot to be creative when i’m ansewring the question. CREATIVE!!!!

well, yesterday is yesterday.
look ahead.. God is there.


You gave up everything so that i can have everything March 12, 2009

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I really can’t describe how am i feeling now. It’s not just only joy in my heart but there are also lots of things that can’t stop me from smiling. Looking back, i realized it has been a long three months for me. i grumbled and complaint each and every day in the first two months. i was ignorant and disbelieving. i wanted things to go my way.

During our Myf camp Pastor Andy spoke about God wants us to go for his calling but not our career. After that, he asked us to close our eyes and pray. And I heard a voice telling me “colleges has pearly, xiao juan, tiffany and ruth. but how about other places?” at that point, i saw a place full of tress and obviously it’s not a city.

well, did that change my mind which is so determine to go college? Nope..

I tried to ignore that as much as i can and worst of all i began to fill my life with discontenment especially after four of my best buddies left. I wanted so much to control my future. I just don’t want to let go. How stupid and stubborn i was! This went on until one day when i was praying, i saw both of my hands clutching on a steel bar and there was another hand patting mine to let go of the steel bar. It took me a day to realized that i need to let go of my future and a month to really let go in peace. it really wasn’t easy.

Finally, i decided not to go for march intake. I have faith in God that he will give me the best. That’s his promise to me. After that, i felt a deep peace that i have not experienced for months.

Guess what? his promise came true today. I got a great result which i’ll never expect it in my entire life. I realy can’t describe how i felt went i saw my result because it assured me that God never fails. He has planned my future so well for me. I don’t have to worry at all.
I really thank God for making me imperfect so that i’ll always depend on him.

I thank God that he opened up my eyes to see that living in this world is not about me but to fulfill his purpose.
“not by my will, but thy will be done”
Jesus went up to the cross not by his will but to fulfill his purpose on this earth. My result may determine the next phase of my life which God has planned for me. It’s not about how good my result is. It’s about serving the Lord in the place that God wants me to be.
God has helped me to build up my faith in him in this three months. His great love for me can never be described by words. It’s for you to experience it yourself. My God is real!

Thank you, Jesus for giving up everything so that i can have everything today. You died for me because your love for me is beyond everything.


The line that tells the truth February 24, 2009

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The truth is i’m dark!!

13 swimming classes leads me to a severe sunburn.

I have lines at my back, my shoulder and even my thigh. Theses lines separate the fair from the dark and this  prove that i have uneven skin tone now. 

The fair part is so little now. The dark part has conquered my skin, starting from my thigh to my toe.

In fact my body has the shape of my swimming suit. I know i look hideous. 

I have only one word to describe myself




Interested to be a tuition teacher? February 5, 2009

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This is the funniest letter I ever received in my entire life. Or perhaps I’m just too naive. Anyway, this morning i received a letter asking me to be a tuition teacher! Oh man, i nearly died of laughter when read this letter.They even know my chinese name.At first I thought it was another stupid love letter sent by “cacat” a few years ago. Hahahahahaha…

this is the letter that was sent to me


 They said their tuition center desperately need a handful of  tuition teacher and clerk. And if i’m interested I need to bring my REPORT CARD for my interview. Well, this is really funny to me because I have never heard of any job interview that require our report card.

On the other hand, I really pity those parents who send their children to this kind of tuition centre. They just simply employ any little girl like me who doesn’t know anything. haha..


crazy girl on the move February 4, 2009

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I just went to Queensbay mall yesterday and i bought something which is very fasicnating and exciting to me. Especially now i’m really desperate to get out of my monotonous life. This may seem to be boring to most of you but i’m really trilled when i saw it.

guess wat?


Well, this is how it looks like in the beginning.


These are the threads.


hopefully it’s enough for my whole carpet cuz this is just a rough estimation.

Btw, this is how it will look like when it’s done.dsc003101

I just did part of it and it is really soft.


I can’t wait to lie on it when it’s done.